Watching Hannibal is like watching everyone in the show drive their own car that’s going 10 mph, so they have plenty of time to avoid collision and turn away, but instead they all end up running into each other and it’s a huge pile up and no one knows who to blame for this huge car crash and Hannibal is sitting on the sidewalk in a lawn chair drinking red wine and smirking to himself.

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weekends go by in like 1.5 seconds

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"I Can’t Find Your Fucking Next Page Arrows So Let Me Just Manually Type ‘/page/2’ You Dirtfuck" - A History of Tumblr Layouts

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one day i’m going to be too lazy to breathe and just die 

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How was your April Fools’ Day?



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You ever see a girl so cute that all you can think is:

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

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Hearing my own voice on a recording makes me want to apologize to every single person I’ve ever talked to, like I’m really sorry.

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Relationship Status: Nah

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